Obeo is a leading company specialized in the field of model driven software development based on Eclipse. Obeo provides customized Software Factories and Migration Factories to large organizations.

The Obeo Company is an Eclipse Strategic Member and is very active in the Eclipse ecosystem with 6 project leaders (Acceleo, SCA, EEF, EMF Compare, Amalgamation and Intent) and 17 Eclipse committers. Obeo is also known as the creator of the Acceleo code generator. Obeo is deeply involved in free-software.

Obeo proposes innovative tools for the development of software factories. Obeo offers the following products:

  • Eclipse Modeling as a foundation stack of any modelling environment (including Acceleo for code generation, and some ready-to-use generators)
  • Obeo Designer enables industrializing the development of software applications (modeling and code generation) with tools for building specific-modelers, code generators, model transformations, traceability between models and generated code.
  • Obeo Agility is dedicated to application knowledge mining, enabling software cartography and automatic software modernization from and to any kind of technology. Agility is also based on MDA standard and Eclipse platform.

Sierra Wireless is expanding the wireless world with a comprehensive offering of hardware, software, and connected services for mobile lifestyles and machine-to-machine communications. Our customers count on us to help them succeed with early access to new wireless technologies and bring any M2M solution to market successfully. We provide operators, OEMs and enterprises around the world with innovative, reliable, high-performing M2M solutions through the broadest product portfolio. For more information about Sierra Wireless, visit our website.


Actuate founded and co-leads the Eclipse BIRT open source project. ActuateOne® is a unified suite of products for rapidly developing and deploying BIRT-based custom Business Intelligence applications and information applications. Applications built with ActuateOne provide one user experience regardless of task or skill level; are supported by one server for any deployment including cloud and are built with one BIRT design that can access and integrate any data source – including high volume print streams. ActuateOne adds rich data visualizations, including interactivity, dashboards, analytics, and deployment options to web and mobile BIRT applications, helping organizations drive revenue through higher customer satisfaction and improved operational performance.

Actuate has over 5000 customers globally in a diverse range of business areas including financial services and the public sector. Founded in 1993, Actuate is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices worldwide. Actuate is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol BIRT. For more information, visit the company’s web site at www.actuate.com or visit the BIRT community at www.birt-exchange.com.

Airbus is the leading aircraft manufacturer offering the most modern, comprehensive and efficient passenger aircraft family on the more than 100-seat market, while its military division is the global leader for transport, tanker and surveillance airlifters ranging from 3 to 45 tonnes of payload. Since its creation in 1970, Airbus has sold over 10,200 aircrafts. Today, some 7,000 aircrafts are in operation with more than 430 customers and operators all over the world.

Airbus has acquired a large expertise and is continuously carrying out research activities, in particular in the field of advanced avionics systems and software. In a context of strong competition in the aeronautics domain, the techniques, methods and tools supporting critical embedded systems and software development are considered as key enablers. This is why Airbus is committed in European / international collaborative initiatives and communities like Polarsys and Eclipse, in order to push the emergence of innovative modelling approaches and integrated tools based on widely adopted standards.

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